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We created HungerPerks with Big Data in mind. Too often, businesses aren't extracting real value from the data they create, collect and store. So Big Data doesn't necessarily mean the right data, thats why we focus on collecting Actionable Data -- data that businesses can use in their day-to-day to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, Actionable Data is much harder to collect. A business must collect data, analyze it, and finally draw useful insights for decision making. This process can take even an experienced business up to a month or more when executed properly. By the time the data is analyzed, the data may be too old to be useful.

Our goal is to speed up this process by providing a platform where users are incentivized to take surveys on a regular basis. We aim to provide any size business with the ability to collect Actionable Data quickly. 

Driving Traffic

HungerPerks has driven 30+ Eaters to 1 restaurant location in less than 30 days.

(last updated 10/5/17)

Boosting Sales

On average, 80% of HungerPerks users purchase additional items when they redeem a SuperPerk.

(last updated 10/5/17)

Amassing Data

At this point, we typically see 3x the number of survey responses to that of SuperPerk redemptions. If you're a Feeder, this means more valuable data without the cost of giving away additional food!

(last updated 10/5/17)


By the end of 2018, our goal is to have 500 HungerPerks locations across every major metropolitan area of Ohio (Akron/Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati). HungerPerks locations are not limited though, a restaurant can be located anywhere and still participate. (Note: user growth is primarily your responsibility for out of state locations during 2018) This means we will be working tirelessly over the next 12 months to partner with local restaurants and franchisees. We will also begin running third party surveys (for our Surveyors) during this time to gather valuable data from our increasing user base.


By the end of 2022, our goal is to have 50,000 HungerPerks locations across every major metropolitan area in the United States. By that time, the HungerPerks app will include smart notifications for our Eaters and advanced survey capabilities for our Feeders and Surveyors.

Beautiful New UI 35%

Easy Sign-up for Feeders 80%

SuperPerk Filters 15%

Improved Battery Life 40%

Mult. Choice Surveys 100%

Adv. Survey Targeting 15%

Development Feature Progress

As we work with our Feeders and continue to develop the app, new features will show up on the left. Follow our progress as we build a robust platform for everyone to enjoy. The list will be updated as major features are released.

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