REstaurant app FEATURES

Customer data analytics

We compile the survey results for restaurants in an easy-to-use data dashboard. This platform provides real time feedback on campaign success (ex. what customers think of a specific location’s performance).

NO hardware

We understand that hardware is a drag. That's why we've designed our app to be completely hardware free!

CUSTOM location based feedback

Distributing short surveys is an easy way for restaurants to get answers to their questions right away. Got a new menu item? See if your customers want it to stay. The answers to your questions are only a SuperPerk away!

Target customers in an area

We use Geofences to alert consumers when a SuperPerk is in the area. The notifications help increase traffic to your restaurant, targeting consumers at the right time and place to give your location a whole new competitive advantage!

P.O.S. Integration

We integrate directly with your P.O.S. system to save you money and to save your customers time.

Superperk incentives

SuperPerks are given out by sending push notifications to consumers in an area. Restaurants provide them in exchange for consumer feedback.

app value for restaurants

HungerPerks isn't your everyday loyalty program. The HungerPerks app combines surveys with location based notifications, resulting in a revolutionary way for restaurants to collect real-time customer feedback -- the most direct form of marketing to date.

  • Boosts Traffic On Demand
  • Increases Inventory Efficiency
  • Boosts Sales
  • Collects Relevant Consumer Data

Development (BETA)

The HungerPerks app is currently in development and will launch during the upcoming July beta test. We encourage "Eaters" (consumers) and "Owners" (restaurants) to beta test with us by signing up below.

Join our beta

We'll send you an email when our app is ready to beta test. (Limited to those around Akron, Ohio)

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Contact Kyle if you are interested in forming a partnership or investing in HungerPerks.

Kyle Flynn - Lead Strategist

Contact Julia if you are interested in bringing HungerPerks to your restaurant.

Julia Mallinak - Lead Sales

Contact Sam if you have any technical issues when using HungerPerks.

Sam Borick - Lead Developer


Bronze Level

This level contains side menu items like fries, onion rings, chips, etc...

Silver Level

This level contains specialty menu items like coffee, milkshakes, slushes, etc...

Gold Level

This level contains main entrée menu items like burgers, tacos, subs, etc...

Bronze Level

Surveys last up to 45 seconds

Silver Level

Surveys last up to 90 seconds

Gold Level

Surveys last up to 135 seconds

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